Sipsey River Trail (#209)




Bankhead National Forest


Moderate to difficult trail considered one of the best in the Sipsey Wilderness. Complete with rivers, waterfalls, bluffs as well as wildflowers and hiking challenges.

Trail starts on the West end from the Rippy Trail (#201) approximately 2.5 miles north of the Randolph Trailhead and heads east down a steep hill to the river. To reach the east side of the river by land without having to ford the river, approach from the Thompson trailhead along Thompson Creek trail (#206) and follow the east side of the Sipsey river to the Sipsey Trail.

The Sipsey trail connects with East Bee Branch trail providing access to waterfalls; caves; bluffs; and the famous Big Tree. The trail also connects to Bee Ridge trail (#204); Randolph Trail (#202) and eventually the Borden Creek Trail (#200) providing access to the Sipsey Trailhead.

This is a popular trail with several camping spots along the trail. Trail access from both ends may require river crossings; but dry alternate routes are available for access; From Borden Creek Trailhead on the south and Thompson Trail from Thompson Trailhead on the West end.

Map Links:  

Satelite view
(Map of all trails)  
U.S.Forest Service Sipsey Wilderness map


Total Miles:  

6.7 miles one way then connects to other trails

Surface Type:  


Primary Use:  

Hiking Only

Trail Hours:  

Always open

Trail Connections:  

Borden Creek (#200) ; Rippey(#201) ; Randolph (#202) ; Bee Ridge (#204) and Thompson Creek (#206) trails

Directions to Trailheads in Sipsey Wilderness:  

Braziel Trailhead

Thompson Trailhead

Randolph Trailhead

Sipsey River Trailhead

Flanigan Trailhead

Borden Trailhead

Gum Pond Trailhead

Trail Restrictions:  

See Forestry website: USFS Bankhead National Forest





Who’s responsible for Trail?


    USDA Forest Service


USDA Forest Service, Bankhead National Forest

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