St Clair County

St Clair County

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Argo Walking Trail

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City:  Argo
Description:  Argo Walking Trail is a 1/2 mile asphalt trail located on the side of a large hill in Argo Town Park. The trail has numerous switchbacks and provides for a vigorous walk.

Map: Argo Walking Trail (Google Maps)

Pell City Lakeside Park Trail

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City:  Pell City
Description:  1.3 mile paved diversified trail around Lakeside Park in Pell City. The trail accommodates pedestrians and bicycles.

Map: Pell City Lakeside Park Trail (Google Maps)

Springville Trail

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City:  Springville
Description:  1/2 mile lighted asphalt pedestrian trail in Springville City Park located in the Downtown Historic District of Springville. One loop of the trail surrounds a beautiful pond with a portion of the trail running beside a flowing creek. There are several benches along the trail for rest or relaxation. The park also includes a swing set, picnic facilities and a restroom building.

Map: Springville Trail (Google Maps)

Water Trails

Alabama Scenic River Trail

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City:  Prattville
Description: Alabama's great new river trail is the longest water trail in any single state of the country, beginning at the Georgia state line and winding its way across nine beautiful lakes. Scenery ranges from magnificent wildlife preserves and steep stone cliffs to the tranquil beauty of the secluded creeks of the Delta region, the second largest delta in the US.

Map: Alabama River Region Map

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