Talladega County

23 mile trail accomodating ATV, dirt bikes and mountain biking. Ranges from easy sections to steep technical sections. Lighted walking/cycle trail between the Senior Center and old historic jail. 1/2 mile paved trail around veterans park 2,700 acre outdoor multi-use recreational area.

Talladega County

Hiking / Mountain Biking Trails

Sylaward Trail (at Lake Howard)

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City:  Sylacauga
Description:  14 mile mountain bike trail through wooded forest around Lake Howard.

Map: Sylaward Trail (Google Maps)

Family Fitness / City Park / Walking Trails

Pinecrest Veterans Park Trail

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City:  Sylacauga
Description:  1/2 mile paved trail around veterans park

Map: Pinecrest Veterans Park Trail (Google Maps)

Talladega Springs Historical Trail

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City:  Talladega Springs
Description:  Lighted trail that accommodates pedestrians and bicycles. The trail is constructed in the old railroad bed between the senior center and the old historic jail.

Map: Talladega Springs Historical Trail (Google Maps)

Off-Road Vehicle Trails

Kentuck ORV Trail

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City:  Oxford
Description:  The Kentuck Trail system is made up of four ORV trails totaling 23 miles with a half mile trail loop for young ATV riders. The Kentuck Trail system is located in the Talladega National Forest and accommodates dirt bikes, ATV’s, mountain bikes and pedestrians.

Map: Kentuck ORV Trail (Google Maps)

TOP Trails

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City:  Talladega
Description:  TOP Trails is a 2,700 acre outdoor multi-use recreational area. There are more than 70 miles of trails for OHV and ATV vehicle, hiking and equestrian use, an archery range and welcome center. The area is part of a public project to reclaim the former Brecon Annex Military Base as an outdoor recreational area.

Map: TOP Trails (Google Maps)

Water Trails

Alabama Scenic River Trail

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City:  Prattville
Description: Alabama's great new river trail is the longest water trail in any single state of the country, beginning at the Georgia state line and winding its way across nine beautiful lakes. Scenery ranges from magnificent wildlife preserves and steep stone cliffs to the tranquil beauty of the secluded creeks of the Delta region, the second largest delta in the US.

Map: Alabama River Region Map

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